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Rank calculations

Hello, I understand that the ranking system is based on a complex algorithm and your rank adjusts based on the ranking of the other players and your final position. However, once you become an expert it becomes extremely difficult to find good matches and if you want to play, you'll often end up playing against novices and beginners. You hardly get any points at all if you win, but if you loose it really socks it to your rank. I would like to suggest that the ranking algorithm be adjusted to ensure that you never loose more than 15% of your rank when you loose at expert or above. I've had a rank of 500 and it dropped down to 780 after one loss. At expert and above it's very difficult to find games against players you are matched with ... you are lucky to have an intermediate in the game. And losing hurts! Yes, you can create a game, but if you kick all the novices and beginners, the higher ranked players get impatient and just leave. Waiting forever for a "good match" isn't always realistic. But losing a quarter to half your rank for a single loss seems extreme. I think that at expert and above downward rank adjustments should be capped at 15%. That way we can continue to just play and have fun against everyone without being worried about huge rank swings. It's really not fair that at that level it takes 5 wins to recover from one loss. Each win is hard, made harder by the fact that many times people are just gunning for you because you have such a high rank. The solution of just playing against other high ranked players isn't always possible and we all just want to play! I did play chess for awhile and my rank didn't swing around this wildly. I understand that the system has been modified because there are multiple players and it depends on your final position. So changes happen a lot quicker, especially if you play a 6 person game. But I think capping downward adjustments, when upwards adjustments become minor and hard to come by, makes sense. Thanks.

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You have to keep in mind that the 500 and 780 are placements against other people - not points. The only reason this changes so much is that there are so many people with very similar ranks, so losing seems to affect your rank a lot more than it actually does. In regards to taking multiple games to make up one loss, take the Clash Royale ranking system for example. A player who loses against someone ranked 300 points lower than them may lose 45 points, while they could have won only 15 against that person. Because winning against lower ranks is typically easier than someone your own rank, the amount of points gained is lower.

Totally agreed Dan.  I love to play too, and the only way to play consistently is to play games filled with beginners and novices.  Its next to impossible to maintain Grandmaster status.  I've played 700 games, so there's no way 1 loss because a moron kamikaze novice guns for me should result in losing 300 ranking units!

I just stopped playing. Never even expected a like minded response. You know ... grandmasters aren't good at strategy, don't weigh the odds and take the risk needed to win. And that's on me. But ... I thought it was an impossible mission to become a grandmaster. I did it and was playing multiple games a day with ransoms. Maybe someone on support will read this ... but I am not going back to intermediate because people ganged up on me. I'm still a grandmaster and will leave it there.

Ransoms?  I don't follow.  I'm frequently at Grandmaster level and it bothers me when I drop back to Master, but i love to I take on all comers anyway!

I got to 216 and have a screenshot! How about you?
Sorry ... mistyped. Meant randoms ... But spellcheck changed it: it's not fun to be the one everyone else guns for. Have fun!
I lose one game and it literally takes me 5 wins to get back my rank. It shouldn't be about rank and I shouldn't care. But I worked really ... really ... hard to achieve grandmaster. And it means something to me.
I think I got into the 200s once. I'm around 700 now. I've played 693 games and won 280, and I only play 6 player games. It bothers me that I have such an enormous sample size and one bad result bc of a kamikaze when I'm in the 6th position and I don't cash cards until I collect 5....and it drops me 300+ places. What type of stats do you guys have?

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True - I was ranked around 500... but once you reach Grandmaster level, it seems all the other players gang up on you lol

Next thing I know... I've lost 2 or 3 games and I'm ranked about 2,500 haha

Overall I've played almost 150 games and won over two thirds of them

Wow, winning 2/3 is huge.  Are you playing 6 player games?

Yes, always 5/6 player games with Fixed Cards - the secret is putting the Turn Timer to 5/8 minutes... so you have plenty of time to think, which reduces the chance of you making bad moves lol

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