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Replaced by Al

If a person leaves for whatever reason, they should not be replaced by AI. It spoils the game by 1. Unable to attack a player because you have to go through a AI, weaken you and cant make a affective attack on your attend player which inturn allows them to fortify when awarded continent occupied troops. 2. Al 's never attact a stronger player, allways goes after the weakest player, when games only has 3 players left, it almost becomes 2 against 1. I've used this to my advantage, but does feel like a true win, when it happens to me it very frustrating especially if the game been going on for a while.

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So what would you suggest as a replacement? I don't see a better alternative. Should the game just end?
No. The game continues. If a player does not play when it there turn, nothing happens if they don't play a second time they get disconnected and the game go on with no adding of troops to there territory untill there defeated.

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1. Because you have to attack through an AI? But what about the player that was already there? 2.I've played many games were I have only been hanging on by a thread an AIs completely ignore me. Maybe ou have just been unlucky
Yes, it works both ways you can use the Al tactics to youe advantage but it spoils the game..

True - Bots replacing a human player does ruin a game... either leaving the players troops as they are, or knocking them down to 1 would be better

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