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Blitz success rates are still flawed

After latest update, I played 5 games. In every game I attacked 9 v 1 at least once. In every game I lost the blitz on 9 v 1. I recognize this is a possible outcome, but I read it happens to a lot of other players. This is the reason I will not buy the game. When I play, I will no longer blitz.

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Totally agree. Why do I need 3xs the troops or more in order to take over anything. Its absurd. I get so fed up and quit the majority of my games now. Its like, whelp.. So much for startegizing and playing smart to invade witha large force, my 12 men lost to a territory with 4 guys on it. Its ridiculous

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Agreed. Having said that. I understand that I have non blitz options, but sometimes you don't have time to roll 100 times. So blitz is needed. You explode on the map in the last few seconds to catch your opponents off guard. I know it's possible to lose em all too, but it seems like it happens constantly, especially on your first turn of the game. Blitzing feels impossible, seem to lose 5v1s all the time.

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The game is definitely flawed on the odds for dice roll. I always play blitz, way too long to roll dice otherwise. I often get defeated when I'm 2 or 3 to one odds, even in the same game and the computers defeat me when they are less than that.

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3/26/2017 I've been losing at an 11 to 1 rate with no casualties lost on opposing side. I've seen this problem before when I was a kid trying to program a game in basic. This game sucks the way it is.
Is anyone at SMG going to fix this dice issue and computer troop movement error? When you blitz you have to move 3 armies, but the computer can move 1 into a defeated territory.

Signed up just to see if this is being discussed. Blitz is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. It seems like it changes dice mode for more of a win/lose equation. Which is fine if it's 6-4, 10-4 even but I'm seeing 17 vs. 2 and 17 losing plus not even talking about the clear defensive bonus that's apparent the first few rounds of the game. 

Yup, Blitz was bad before but now it is absolute rubbish.
Sucks to screw the pooch with a bad release on a major holiday weekend in some markets - how do you put a number on that lost revenue opp?

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