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From a fellow game designer, I feel like I provide valuable input. First: Using the Free to play platform is a great way to generate interest. Your game, however, has a 3 coin cap and requires 2 to play. This causes players to be frustrated they cant play more, and they either purchase out of annoyance or you lose their interest very quickly as there are many competitors with free games that they'll turn to instead. Generate more interest by allowing 2 games, happier, they have more time to learn the game, and therefore see its benefits. which equals $$$. Right now the 3 coin system feels greedy, and thats why I will never be a customer until this changes. 4 would be substantially better, that way I can get invested and want to play more. Instead of, oh. forgot I installed that game. Second: Where it says "opponents turn" I feel it would be much better in the upper left. Some of the maps (being in the middle) it cuts off part of the territories and I often wonder if Im clicking the right spot. Third: Specific messages. It would be nice to communicate a bit more. I love the alliances and "attack so and so" but if you could press a players icon and gave 3 text options like, I wont attack until it's just us two, and, thank you, and, I request your assistance. These would be nice features. Fourth: I am colorblind. I have no clue whos my ally or who I am unless Im yellow. I cant ally with people because I may accidentally attack them. A nice feature would be a notification when you attack, "you are allied with this player. Are you sure you want to attack?" even if youre not colorblind, some people may forget they have an alliance. Do this for the first attack on the specific player only once per turn. Thanks for your time!

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Hi Tyler,

thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. Now, the best thing is to add your vote (and optionally a comment) to the same topics that have already been posted and voted on.

Token rates & Amounts

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Colourblind option

"Opponent's Turn" Heading & Attack confirmation

Yes, we're due to revisit the UX and design this year. Your feedback here is helpful and will be taken into consideration. You might also want to take a look at the alliance levels here