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Call Out Cheating Emoji & Clapping Emoji for Good Game

I know this has been discussed before and yes I will often form alliances with other players until we have defeated other players but sometimes you just have to say enough with the cheating and I'm calling you out Corbett fearless 2

and your sock puppet accounts- Tomas styles 2, Bradford the shrill 3 

Three devices...unprotected borders between all 3 to the point that it was obvious that if  tomas and bradford were individual players they should have turned on corbett because there was no way for them to win. The only player they attacked was me.

So I'd like an emoji to call them out so they know, I know!! I reported it to SMG and they say at their discretion they'll take away points but no follow up on the investigation and if it actually happened.

I'd also like a clap emoji too...I had a great game the other night with 3 real players and I really enjoyed it. I would  have liked to send something other than a smiley face at them

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