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AI player activity when someone leaves a game

I'm sure we've all had the experience where we're in the middle of a fantastic battle, and we get disconnected. So, the other side of this is when someone else in the game gets disconnected and is replaced by a bot. I realize it would be impossible to code these bots to play in an intelligent fashion, but there could AT LEAST be a feature added where they honor an allegiance for a minimum of 3 turns. Often, you have a weak border next to a prior ally that was a human and had honored their agreement, and suddenly a they come storming through your border. 90% of the time, when I go look, I can no longer communicate with them and it becomes PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that they have lost connection and have been replaced by a VERY UNINTELLIGENT not. AI players mixed in with humans COMPLETELY screws up a game. They do not make intelligent moves, break allegiances, and generally do little besides take an easy card. Basically, I've seen many great games get ruined when this happens. They just sit there like retards letting someone get stronger to the point where you have NO CHANCE of winning no matter how strong a player you are. Unrealistic, but can the AI players be made more intelligent? Alternatively, can they AT LEAST honor allegiances for a few turns? Another option is to have them become completely inactive. They don't get any more men or cards, and they don't attack. This way, AT LEAST everyone would have an equal ground instead of a BRAIN-DEAD robot randomly deciding who to screw over. This ISA MAJOR shortcoming of this game and I think it should be addressed, at least on some level. I would love to hear ideas from the community on this.

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Maybe their territories can become a fog zone...changes the dynamics for all players; I think?

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