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Faster token refresh rate, limits and token bonus


IDEA: adjust tokens and refresh rate. For example

- Increase refresh rate of tokens

- Set higher limit for max tokens allowed.
- Award bonus token for online win (max. allowance per day)

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I dont think the tokens really matter. Its only $6 for unlimited tokens. I bought that as soon as i down loaded the game. NEW MAPS!!

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This is a copy and paste from a topic I posted that has yet to be approved. I hope you guys do consider this. First: Using the Free to play platform is a great way to generate interest. Your game, however, has a 3 coin cap and requires 2 to play. This causes players to be frustrated they cant play more, and they either purchase out of annoyance or you lose their interest very quickly as there are many competitors with free games that they'll turn to instead. Generate more interest by allowing 2 games, happier, they have more time to learn the game, and therefore see its benefits. which equals $$$. Right now the 3 coin system feels greedy, and thats why I will never be a customer until this changes. 4 would be substantially better, that way I can get invested and want to play more. Instead of, oh. forgot I installed that game.

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Hey Tyler, we're definitely considering the token amounts and refresh rates. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here, really appreciated. 


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We need more tokens please ,in my country we mostly don't buy things online ,yes the price isn't expensive but if you want your game to be more famous you need to make it totally for free then to depend on the advertising to earn money,that's all ,but it's a great game to be honest,I wish to play more yet am out of tokens most of time which is making me not able to play most of time too.

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I would buy the unlimited tokens but it seems a bit expensive to pay $6.00 Could you people please lower the price?

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Token is main issue. I love this game but please this token system.. fast feeling of token is really needed. Also put option of getting coin through watching ad or something like this

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If token speed increase more people will join this game. Everyone is not able to purchase

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Yo I like dis idea

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This feature is necessary and pls make the update fast myexam will end on 8 april and then i want to conquer the whole world coz i m a novice

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Yes! I think 6 tokens per 24 hours is good
The main thing is that one token refills in 8 hrs and every game refills one point of energy in just 3 min and ya a chatting option is also necessary
I mean every other games like racing games etc.
I think they made it so that you cannot talk/type in words on purpose... If you think about it, that might unbalance the game and become REAL frustrating very quick, like for example if everyone decides to team up to kill one guy, and then they do the same for the next guy, and so on. This would also be tedious, as at the end of the game, some people might not attack each other because they "feel bad" or something (I've seen it happen before), kind of ruining the game, also wasting the spectator's time and enjoyment (if the game devs decide to add a spectate option). Instead, maybe they could add some sort of "expression" mechanic, where, like in the game "Clash Royale", they could send their allies a "message" through the player's avatar doing, for example, angry, sad, or happy actions, to encourage, but not overly pressure the player into doing something.
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