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Polite request for new features

Why would I pay money if for this game when you never update anything. This game is really fun but could be so much better. Here is a few simple updates. 1-make it so we chat during battle. 2- make it so after we play for 2 hours and get put out we have the option to watch the end of game. 3- put a few small bonus risk cards to change up a players luck.(example special card for aumatic 5 troops or 10) 4- make the computer better. Way to easy to beat the computer every single game. Thanks. Do an update and Ill pay for this game

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Chat, many ask for chat, but don't think about how to manage it. People with short fuses start using adult words (which will happen day one), now the company has to deal with your bad language, and people like you demanding they fix it. Next you'll want voice so you can cuss out the other players. Now I have a legitimate complaint as a parent for my kids not to play Risk, wonderful... I don't want adult Risk, just Risk, the board game!

Spectator mode, would you really stay for another hour if the game kept going. You might, but not a critical feature. Never stayed to watch the original board game after I was taken out, might watch for a few minutes, but that all. Just me...

Bonus cards, I think Hasbro wants to keep this game just like the original risk, no special power ups, no bonus cards that were NEVER part of the original game.

Stay true to Risk I say, I liked it just like it was!

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Unfortunately, updates take time, especially when developing new features. For other companies much bigger than ours, it can take months to develop a new feature. We are developing and implementing the features that we believe our players want to see most, but not all features take the same amount of time to create. This mean's new features wont be released in the expected order. 

Other features require more consideration that players might think, as explained well by Matt L above regarding the chat feature. In these cases we try to implement the feature in a way that will not have unintended negative consequences on the game.

We are updating and improving the game as fast and we can and fully intend to continue to support RISK for the long term.

- Phillip@SMG

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