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Feature request for a general Risk Discussion Forum.

Sry for posting in features, but do not see a general discussion forum.

I enjoy playing Risk, but get so frustrated with players that don't care about winning.

- Ally request comes in, game just started btw, you click no, all they want to do is kill you now. (We're both so weak now we both die)

- Player get dealt almost an entire content, but decides he wants another content on the other side of the map. Spends all his troops getting there, killing himself and weakening others, we all die.

- Players who can't see another player is DOMINATING the map and refocus his attack towards that player with three continents but continues to focus on Australia to gain 2 troops. We both die and player dominating wins easily as the two little players are battling it out with each other.

- Player is dominating, no adjacent player tries to stop them. You spend troops to try an assist knowing you have to go thru the adjacent player to get to the dominating player. Now the adjacent players is focused on vengeance on you never seeing it as you tried to help. We both die now.

I play Risk to win, isn't that what this game is about?

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I think a discussion board to ask questions, give tips to new players, find friends, etc. would be a great addition! I see people post things here that aren't feature requests because there's no where else to post.

I gotta get this off my chest....

I absolutely cannot stand m***er****ers that start an alliance with you, then you do not attack for 3-5 turns-letting them build up-then, they turn and attack you. To me, this is as bad as the a**hats that cheat. You are just liars. 

I would imagine these same folks do not get very far in life, with that type of thought process. 

You suck. You suck horribly. I absolutely love when I am able to find these players online again, so I can return the favor. Better yet, find them when they start a one on one game so you can grind them to dust, block them in a corner and force them to quit. 

Did I mention if you are a player that does this you suck? And, I say player VERY loosely, as you can probably not win any other way than tricking someone.

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