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Faster troop placement/ multiple troop placement during setup.

I propose a game setup style in which players have access to place 1,2,3,4,5, or more troops on a territory at a time. This can be done either anonymously and when all players have placed troops where they want the number of said troops then appear on the board simultaneously. Another option is for setup to stay pretty much the same with the option to place as many troops as a player wants during their turn. If a player runs out of troops they simply sit out turns until everyone is finished. This would only be allowed once all territories are claimed of course. I believe this would encourage more players to engage in manual setup.

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I had a similar game setup idea - the way we used to play, the initial assignment of territories was random but the players were free to choose how to allocate their armies on their territories.  One way to do this - randomly assign 1 army to each territory, then let each player place one of their remaining armies at a time in their territories until all armies are placed....

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