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Is there a fix for double account cheaters?

I just played a person username Corbet Fearless2 who made it very obvious that he was using a second account to do his battles for him. Is there a fix for this or is this what I can expect from this game now?

Not fare to blame the game. It's whats expected of people, not the game.

Anyone can join a game from WiFi and another on Cell towers. So blocking by duplicate IP's, etc. wont help, and would block legitimate players trying to play in the same game while using the same WiFi.

Complaints without suggestions don't go far...

We are currently exploring options for this. It is a complicated issue because we do not want to punish groups of friends and family who just want to play online together. 

From our data, players using unfair tactics like using 2 accounts themselves are  a very small percentage of all players. It is not unusual to confuse 'cheaters' for aggressive players who quickly form alliances and target other players as part of their strategy.

We will be releasing new measures in 2017 to monitor and minimise players that we suspect are playing using unfair tactics.

We encourage anyone to send through the usernames of players whom they believe to be cheating, we look into every report.

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