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IP address cross reference

I've run into this issue multiple times and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Sometimes it's more obvious than other times but a quick solution would be to deny multiple identical IP addresses to be playing in the same game. The more obvious cheater I played with would use his troops on one device to fortify and defend his main account's territories. This was even more obvious when the defender was a novice and the territory holder was a master. There would also have to be a track record of IP addresses logged when logging into your account to prevent one device from using wifi and the other device from using cellular data. Once the player is reported for cheating there would be a track record on both accounts likely logging IP addresses that cross over each other. I've put a lot of thought into this and I'm aware that because a lot of people will being using their cellular data to play, this could cause conflicts between non-cheaters and deny them from entering a game with a player using the same cell tower. However, because the games only range from 2-6 players I doubt there would be too many conflicts or at least not to a degree that would become frustrating. I'm sure some of you want to be the devil's advocate here and say that multiple people in your household play on the same IP address. My secondary solution to the issue would be not to prevent multiple identical IP addresses from playing together but still log the IP addresses. Then make it easier for players to report cheaters with a simple report button- check the log and ban. I don't see any issue with players working together but if it's obvious that two accounts are working as one until everyone is eliminated then it destroys any real chance of winning.

Good effort, but wont work. Users can easily put one device on WiFi, and another on cell towers.

Also, what about two players who legitimately play clean but want to play online in the same game and are both on WiFi. 

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I had a similar idea as Dominic but I came to the same conclusion as Matt. Practical Solution: Create an optional game filter to screen out games where there are players with duplicate IP addresses. This is not completely effective for the reasons Matt stated but it would make cheating in this manner require more effort which would presumably reduce the occurrence.

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