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Filter Player Rank When Starting New Game

It would be very helpful to be able to choose the rank of players when creating a game. I have found that Novice players often abandon a game, and so when I am creating one I do not allow them to play. It is awkward kicking them out (and it glitches). It would be nice if I could choose only experts if I wanted, or limit it to Intermediate to Master, something like that.

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Would be great. But because of the ranking system, you must not be able to choose ranks higher then one step below your self. Or similar. The ranking is now a bit bigg stepping for this, but the concept should be that if I like to not play against "total noobs" I could filter them out

 I can agree with the similar rank only part however it only works if there's enough people playing. There are times when there's not that many people online and I'd be ok with playing a few intermediates but definitely need to have at least a min/max rank option.

Any update on this request? I believe it is a fair request that makes a lot of sense.

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I really want to see this. Say your current rank is Expert and you only want to play against ranks near your own. So you set min = Intermediate and Max = Master. So the range would be. Intermediate, Expert, Master. No Novice, Beginner, or Grandmaster players allowed.

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This idea would greatly improve my experience with this app.  Long ago I learned playing novices and beginners is very often not worth it.  They make ridiculous moves and quit at the drop of a hat only to be replaced with the boring in game AI.  I've wasted so much time kicking novices and beginners out of games I host.  It would save everyone's time (including the novices and beginners) and improve everyone's experience if we could filter games by player class.

I think a game host should be able to adjust rank limits for the game just like they can adjust the turn length.  If the filter were such that we couldn't filter out players one class above or below our own class.  There would be mixing between the different classes, but players could avoid huge mismatches in skill/experience.  And at least for the higher ranking players, this could reduce exposure to the two device cheaters.  Usually they have a high raking account and a low ranking account.  Being able to filter out beginners and novices would immediately cut out most of my exposure to this type of cheater.

I think everyone would be happier if they could chose to compete only with those of a similar skill level.  This idea needs to be implemented.

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