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You know I absolutely love this game and I can't wait for them to fix all the bugs with the game. I won't go into how frustrating the dice algorithm is because it has probably been done to death lol. No what I want to talk about is three things that really ruin the game for me, number one is the tactics of the AI bot who takes over players who disappear from games. To often I have watched a computer take over and favour a certain player in the game, leaving easy chances to take a continent from one player and hitting everyone else. The way this game works I'm starting to become convinced that someone has found a way to hack the game and use bots to their advantage because of how one sided matches tend to go. The second one kind of links to the first but in the sense of real players who don't play to win and instead play not to lose! Now I understand not wanting to come last...but not wanting to win!!!! To often do you see an obvious alliance made....and instead of the other player trying to snatch back and advantage and turn the game in their favour...they continue to allow them to finish of other players at the expense of finishing second. Now forgive me if I'm wrong but the aim of the game is to win is it not.... And i feel it's ridiculous to reward someone trying not to lose over someone who is actually trying to win! My last problem is that not all of my victories have been recorded! I am 100% positive that I have not been rewarded with 3 wins in my online column. This isn't even including all but guaranteed wins when the game mysteriously gets closed and dissappears into thin air.....which has happened three times already. Most of my losses have come from being booted from the game so you would think they could at least make sure you get credited for your wins. I'd like to know if anyone has the same issues or feels the same about the possibility of users having bots in game to help them..I mean I couldn't hack a game and all that but someone can and I'm sure they could filter a bot into a game to not attack a player and avoid their's either that or my paranoid scyztoprenic delusion finally catching up to me lol

For the wins not showing up, they've said it can take a while for them to show up in you statistics/ranking.
Yeah and that's why I waited the first time it happened but I haven't been credited for three wins still, one from the first day I got the game and two yesterday
Lots of us get messed up by the games not counting issue. Good news is SMG says they will fix it soon. The sad part is that they allowed the issue to exist for months. About bots though I don't think they deliberately advantage one opponent over another. Mostly just remember they never attack when outnumbered and like to use card sets to go for continents.
See again I would like to say that simply isn't the case, take a game I had last night for example. Two players had left the game and where spread around a bit. Yellow left blue to keep its Continent despite out numbering the blue and vice versa.. Blue left green despite out numbering them and green being set up to smash everyone. See yellow and blue left everyone but me...the second I got a continent it was taken away.. They used cards to do it and left everyone else...even going as far as to leave the orange players continent in tact when he had 8 troops left...with 1 guarding his continent... He was left alone and not wiped out yet I was getting attacked when I had superior numbers...and losing. Every single turn I waited for one of them to take advantage of the weak spot in the greens D and they never did at all! I don't care about being attacked... But when it was as blatant as it was last night then I have an issue.... I await the fix because I'd rather feel like I have lost a game fair and square rather than losing because of a stupid dice roll...or computer conspiracy lol. As annoying as it is I don't even mind losing when someone revenge attacks you and wipes you both out in the process... No matter how annoying that is lol
Count the words bro. How many?
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