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The use of multiple devices during game play

I am noticing more often in some battles, that players are clearly not attacking anyone else but me. It happens maybe 1 outta 4 to 5 games. For example, in a 4 player battle, my 3 other opponents would not attack each other throughout the whole game. Also, it seemed that one player purposely gave up his armies to another player so they could obtain his risk cards. It seems as though people are using multiple devices to log into one game, or more than one person are logging into battle just to help each other out. When you play the game, it's blatantly obvious, and the moves they make during their turns defies the logic of the game. Is there any way this can be looked into? Any way to keep players from taking over the game? I really enjoy playing, win or lose, but when this happens it makes the game much less enjoyable. Thank you

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I hear ya, my observation is the other player isn't playing, just stacking troops on your country, and only your country. I've been proposing to change AI to only play for users who get disconnected for 5-10 minutes.

- Not claiming cheating, just exploiting an AI configuration that allows this.

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