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Going back to attack from fortify

It's frustrating when I'm on a winning attack and due to hurriedly pressing the buttons on my small iPhone screen, I inadvertently hit the arrow to go from attack to fortify. In this scenario, I have one attack away from defeating an opponent and lost out on the capture of their cards due to this unfortunate occurrence. Can the addition of a "back" arrow be installed to allow a player to go back to attack in the time frame allotted for his/her turn?

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Or alernately move the position and change the color of either the arrow or the tick box for number of troops. When attacking with many troops you get to acknowledge the number to move. But when you have less than three troops, that green checkbox dosen't appear, but instead you get the green arrow to fortify. I too have made the same error

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Yes, that is great insight. I have changed direction from different attacking units in the battle to make sure there's enough for success. I didn't realize/wasn't aware/hadn't noticed clearly that the fortify green arrow didn't show until less than 3 troops in the attacking country! Now that makes more sense. I do change towards the critical end point "to make sure" because at times there is just enough troup strength for success in the early stage advances towards conquest. When it happens, I've been stunned that it happened and frustrated as the next player goes in for the easy score as I've just cleared out most of the opponents armies!
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