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How many people play this game?

I have noticed the game has got much harder!!! For this I am happy!! At one point I was ranked 2700 !! Mow I am at a cool 20000!! I am interested in knowing others thoughts on the level of play ? Like I can't sleep at night trying to get one win and I feel I am a pretty good player! Most people have given up on allies! The players are on ignore or have they quit and the computer beats me! The dice are a cruel mistress when you need them they are always going to seem harsh when you have spent an hour working your way to victory to be slammed out of the game cause your 12 got slaughtered by two !!! All you wanted was a card now your continent bonus is gone as well!!! To all you risk die hards I salute you keep bringing the stiff competition witty strategies and wild wirl wind escapades of world domination hope to see you out thereď‘€ Look for out for %carl23% minute made guy and say hi
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we need a global alliance enforcement act in the risk game downloaded from Apple play store everyone well almost everyone breaks the alliance when it's convenient for them to turn on their Ally to get their cards or their territories so I suggest that if you break an alliance with your ally too soon you will get extra damage from everyone's attack for 1 turn that is if you survive.. let's vote to have a global alliance enforcement act put in place.. thank you for your time sincerely Victor -clockwise equivalent 7..
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