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Dynamic Turn Timer Setting

There should be an option to have the turn timer become 30 seconds longer each time a player is eliminated. This way you can keep things moving in the early game, but still have adequate time to finish your turn as you progress toward the end game. For example, you could start a 4-player game with a 60-second turn timer, but by the time it's down to the last two players the turn timer would now be 120 seconds. Furthermore, the timer extension should be effective immediately following another player's defeat. This would help in the case where you eliminate a player and need a little extra time to place the additional troops gained from cards.

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The timer is definitely an issue. The entire problem could be solved using a dynamic timer period. If you started with a minute or 90 seconds and got 5 seconds more every territory you conquer, and 30 secs every player you defeat, that would probably solve the problem. Another alternative is a button that gives you a 1-minute extension that you can use say 2 times per game.

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