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The game doesnt log record correctly

Numerous times I have played a game of risk and not had it credited to my record. The latest time being this morning, played a game and won, didn't get credit. Immediately tried to play another one because all 3 coins were showing unused, but backed out because I wanted to wait awhile, but when I came back I had a loss showing and my rank went down. I am probably missing 5 or more wins on my account, and maybe 2 losses. Why even have a ranking system if it doesn't work right? I like the game, but your ranking system is messed up.

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Our group is having same problem, also random lockout of players and game reboots. Meanwhile you lose turn, battles, and opportunities to fortify. Have no desire to purchase upgrade until simple issues are fixed.
Happens to me all the time. I keep careful count of my games each day (and the issue definitely affects my wins more than my losses. Losses don't always count immediately but they seem to almost always count eventually. SMG claims that the issue affects wins roughly as often as losses but for me at least that is not the case.
Needless to say I I got screwed.
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