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Countdown to game start

Please consider creating a countdown timer: 4-5 seconds after a game host starts the game from the lobby that works as a buffer. It alerts the players that are about to start a game that the host has started the game and gives a brief period for them to leave if they don't like the game parameters. FOr example, you join a game expecting it to be 6-way free for all. After waiting a couple of minutes the host just fills the last few spots with AI and starts the game. This would give a few seconds for players to leave the game in the lobby before its actual starting. Happens all the time and we're either committed to play a game with parameters we don't want, or else we leave/quit and it hurts our record.

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I was going to post a similar suggestion about not allowing players to start a game before all of the advertised slots were filled.  It stinks to get into a game where you think there will be six players and the host starts the game after only 3 of the slots are filled.  You get no warning and no way to back out.  If they were forced to add bots instead, you could leave at that point if you so choose.


Also it would help for when you join a game and see a Grandmaster with his feeding, cheating alt accounts and he shotgun starts the game before it even allows you to exit out.
The idea is that: - Players join - Host presses 'start game' button - Players are notified host pressed start button - 4-5 second countdown begins - If a player leaves, the countdown is stopped and the game does not begin - Host has option to start the game again or wait for more players to join to fill the newly voided spot(s) - When host decides to start the game again, players are notified and the 4-5 second countdown begins over I could put it in a Visoi flowchart really simple of it would help the game devs...

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Not sure if flowchart uploaded or timed out, trying again
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