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No rank change

This has happened a few times. I've won a game with 6 players In it including experts and masters and my rank doesn't change. Then I play another game, loose early and I drop 2000 ranks. With my rank at 7000 this is incredibly annoying

Same thing happens to me frequently and to others as well. Seems to overwhelmingly affect my wins but my losses are almost always counted. Yesterday I won three games that weren't counted beating a GM a master and more. SMG says they know what is wrong but they haven't said anything about how to avoid the issue. Maybe if people knew more about the problem then it could be exploited but other than that I can't see why they don't provide information on how to avoid being the victim of their mistakes.

SelectOne, the issue of ranking is not skewed to losses over wins. It's server related issue based on interference from players dropping in and out, how the game host is transferred and how gameID information is passed on. It affects some games, but it's not something that you could just avoid, if and when it did occur.

Now we've acknowledged there is an issue, and we listen to everyone's feedback to fully investigate and resolve the bugs. Anything related to the realtime multiplayer component unfortunately takes longer to test, and the last thing we want to do is delay releasing the update. 

Good news is we're almost ready to release, so that update will be coming around Feb 17th! Thanks for your patience –Lee@SMG


My rank is 19000 and my class became novice... what happened?
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