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Never start with a continent

It has really been annoying with players who autostart with a continent and therefore get increased army supply from the very beginning. It should not be possible to start with a continent when playing in auto mode.

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I disagree, if you had shuffled the cards in the board game and gotten an entire continent, you wouldn't complain, would you. The automatic territory selection is the same thing. It uses an automatic "shuffler" and gives you your territories in a similar way to the way that you play the board game.

Of course I wouldn't complain if I got a continent, because it would be to my advantage. The point is to make the game more balanced from the beginning so that the outcome actually depends more on player strategy rather than probability. I also know there is a random shuffler that is distributing the countries just like the board game, but why not make this game better than the board game? At least I suggest this feature to be optional to the host, while creating a new game.

I have hundreds of games logged, sry no life, and have never been dealt an entire continent.

Almost a few times, but it's super rare. I think your inflating how many times this happens to you. 

I think it's fine. That can happen in real life risk games. Someone starting with a continent is not game over.

Matt, I'm a bit like you and I've close to 400 games under my belt, and similarly it's been pretty rate,  probably 4-5 times at most. 

However, we do plan to re-check the territory distribution code to make sure it doesn't do this (as it's not supposed to). It's only happened to me on the more recent maps we've created, where there are only 2 territories to constitute a region/continent. 

Thanks –Lee@SMG

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Noted, and for what it's worth, I only play the main map. (Just my preference)

I don't recall ever seeing anyone get an entire continent, almost, but not all of it.

If it did happen, I'd probably have the same request to not allow.

I have seen it a few times it seems to be only fair you get what you get. It usually makes that player a target . My favourite is when you get South America and Australia it so hard to choose . I had that happen not full continent of the hop. But perfect set up had both sealed up turn three and the game was over four player.
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