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Does anyone else have these problems

Why is it so difficult to log on and keep a game running with this app I have it running on several platforms including this iPad an iPhone 6 and my PC and I have the same problem with all of them. When I log into a game it takes it forever for anyone to join the game. When I finally get a game running (I almost always make my own games but this happens both ways ) it will fail 3/4 of the time. Either when it starts running people will drop out and ruin it during the game creating unattackable gray areas in the first round or I will be booted from a game I created with the message that the game creator removed me from the game. Which is impossible because I'm the one that created the game in the first place. Also if I get disconnected from a game I have never been able to reconnect, never once. Very discouraging. I love the game and want to continue playing, I bought the tokens for continuous play and was considering buying more maps. This will not happen until this is no longer a problem. My user name is and I'm in the top 100 ranking. Please fix this problem, also 98% of the times I'm 4th to attack in a 4 player game I am not able to attack and have to end the game. Does anyone else have the same problem?
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For issues with connectivity and dropouts please send us a support ticket with details, so we can investigate. This forum is for new feature requests only. Thanks –Lee@SMG