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RISK World Championship

To me, this seems crazy you don't have one. I've seen several attempts to get one going over the years but I think it needs corporate backing. SMG Studio or better yet Hasbro should really consider putting on a yearly "World Championship." But you really make it an event like the World Series of Poker. With "gaming" starting to become a sport it only makes sense to do the same thing with board games. Hasbro could really increase board game/app game sales with little actual investment. Here's what you do. First you use the app rankings, in person sateilette tournaments, and direct buy ins exactly like the World Series of Poker to decide who makes the cut. Then you hold the tournament in Vegas and stream it online so other players can watch just like the WSOP. In addition, for the championships I would go with an electronic version of the table where the map is blown up and digitized. Could be really cool. Speeds up the game too which is a must. I hope you consider something like this. I think it's an untapped market and besides that it would be really cool! I'd go every year. Here's the added bonus. You could use the championships as a template for other board games you make. Seems like a no brainier no?

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Take it a step further. RISK could hold multiple world championships in the same weekend. Again, exactly how the WSOP works. They have different variations of the game and give out brackets for each championship. Easily transferable to RISK. Main Event RISK title, Castle Risk, RISK 2210 AD, Edition Napoleon, or even different obstacles like fog of war scenarios where you could only see what armies are in territories you share a border with. The possibilities are endless. Please vote for this! And if it does get started, give me a call! I'd help!

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Meant to say they give out "braclets." We could give out something cool too like a World Championship ring for each. I feel like it needs to be something you could wear in normal public settings in addition to at the table. A watch? Any ideas?
Come on! Let's get some votes for this! I think a World Championship would be badass!

The possibilities are endless for Risk - just look how big Chess and Poker are!

I had exactly the same idea and highly support this! I'm a tournament poker player and I live in vegas. But I'm probably better at Risk. With the variation of maps and settings, the possibility of a capitals version etc.., this is where its at for me! Been playing this game for almost 30 years!
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