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Ranking points

It would be nice if SMG would show you how many Ranking Points you actually have. A rank doesn't tell much about how close you are to ranking up, but if your rank goes up at a certain number of points the game would become more enjoyable.

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Anyone else like this idea?

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Let's get some votes on here so this will go through.

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Yes vote for me. The vagueness of the explanation of point loss or gain is frustrating. I'm currently ranked as intermediate, last night i beat a master, 2 intermediates and a beginner and my rank didn't move. I understand that for some reason it could take 24 hrs, ridiculous. This morning i got a horrible start and lost to 4 beginners/ novices and dropped 4000 spots. FIX THE POINT SYSTEM!

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Terencejones1974 That is exactly why I put the request up. I completely understand your frustration. When I was an Intermediate I had the same thing happen, i was playing against 2 masters and an expert. I beat all of them and my rank didn't move at all either. Then I woke up in the morning to find out that I had been demoted to an beginner and dropped about 12,500 places. So I hope SMG will take our advice and change the Ranking system.

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Terencejones1974 and Levi Giesbrecht I frequently have the same problem where games don't count for rank points or stats. It's very frustrating and ruins the game. So many times I beat high ranked players and it doesn't count but most of my losses count. On the bright side today I lost two games that haven't counted so far. Unfortunately in my experience losses often count retroactively but wins rarely do.

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SectaOne.  This can be a good thing sometimes, like when losses don't count, but if your losses don't count then you really don't have a good basis for your rank. Sure it is good for you when your losses don't count but it skews the data that determines your rank. It would also be nice if they showed us our game stats at the end of each game. (i.e. turns, time, troops drafted, troops lost, most territories conquered in 1 turn, most territories lost in 1 turn, longest held territory, etc.)

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Yes, I'd like to know how the actual calculation is done. I get the theory of it, but I don't know how heavily it's weighted towards the 2nd, 3rd or 5th vs 6th spot in the game. I need to get an idea of a minimum rank for me to play based on assuming 1st or 2nd place to avoid losing my ranking. And we need to see people's actual rank. A novice can be anywhere from horrible rank to nearly a beginnign but all we know is novice. I don't play novices.


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