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Change army allocation for territories

Change the current allocation of armies to number of borders you have to guard against when you take over a territory Example: currently the North American territory gets 5 army's to guard 3 borders...should be only 3 armies awarded...same thing with the European territory...right now you get 5 armies to guard 8 attacking countries and Australia should just get 1 army instead of 2 Would also like to see you get rid of the alliance option totally

I do not like this...

The amount of protected territories  must factor in in the reward just like the reinforcements do.
1 border = 1 unit
4 territory = 1 unit

North America: 3 borders/9 territories = 5 Units
South America: 2 borders/4 territories = 3 Units
Europe: 4 borders/7 territories = 5 Units
Africa: 3 borders/6 territories = 4 Units
Asia: 5 border/12 territories = 8 Units
Australia: 1 border/4 territories = 2 Units


Well, that was the stats for the original board game. So you're pretty much asking to remove the queen in chess.
Stats for the original board game??? What are you talking about?
I agree with ML.The number of territories needs to factor in. You need to capture them all first then defend borders. Once borders breached you need to recapture all territories.
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