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Harder AI

You should upgrade the AI, I don't think I've ever lost a game, and yes I've been playing on the hardest difficulty.

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I never lose a game now either. I would like to get thrashed now and then. If I'm getting too strong the AI armies should form an alliance to try and defeat me or diminish my power.

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Ive just played a game with four human opponents. The AI seems to have changed. And it has changed badly! The AI takes over when a player resigns. Before it would sit there doing nothing except accumulating armies. Now it attacks aggressively. In fact so aggressively that it wiped all of us out!!! This means a player who resigned and lost the game has won it!!!

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I totally agree that the AI:s should form an alliance if one player gets to strong (this should of course not hold in case of an AI substitute of a resigned player).

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I was about to start a new thread, good to know I'm not the only one who wants to see proficient AI. I was tempted to buy in app DLCS but the AI is really cringing; no matter the difficulty setting.

- One good example I wanted to test the AI, I chocked (3) AI in a continent by blocking all paths. The AI(s) simply started to go in circles conquering one territory and reinforcing in was an endless circle they simply never killed each other. (After a successful attack they would leave 1 troop behind so the other AI would capture that position and leave 1 troop behind and the other AI would capture that position and leave 1 troop behind it became a circle of stupidity.)

-They will never attack a territory at even strength even if they have an adjacent territory to give them a big advantage. Example I have (6) troops on one side the AI has (7) on the other side it has (8). The AI will never attack.

-Never carrying out the maximum potential of an attack phase. When the AI has the opportunity to get the upper hand or win a game during an attack phase they will stop after one or two attacks; then reinforce troops at a pointless position. (Another scenario is when an AI can capture a continent but stops with no reason, it has the fire power to control the continent and reinforce to defend but doesn't and next turn you simply walk .)

This is just some things which makes the AI even at the hardest difficulty painful to watch and play against.

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Funny, I've done the same thing as well, Sam. I would love to see the bot difficulty increase overall. Like OP stated, a little beat down here and there would surely spice things up in a good way!

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