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Option to switch card bonus off

I know the game allows you to switch the settings on card bonuses from progressive to fixed and vice versa but it would be good if they could add the feature of no card bonuses. I play this game online with others and with friends and I think we should have the option to switch cards off as sometimes I find it unfair that you can collect 3 cards and only get 4 bonus troops and someone else can collect the same amount of cards but get 10 bonus troops. I find that this throws the balance of the game off and can make the game unfair. In my opinion having the option to switch card bonuses off will add another dynamic to the game for those of us who want to have a slower paced more strategic game. Just an idea :)

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I love this idea because it can also change the strategy of the game.  Targeting weaker opponents to get cards and increase your armies makes the game way too easy and short. 

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