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Real world collusion

I've noticed when people obviously are either playing two accounts are two people are colluding in the real world. Possibly a vote in game to to flag players as real world teammates and if they get flagged in enough games some form of punishment, soft bans to full bans. Its obvious when players are specifically leaving no troops on their front lines with a specific player, I recently played a 4 player gamer where I believe all three other players were friends in real life, so they all specifically attacked me from the beginning and split up the world between themselves, one player with Australia and south america, one with North America snd one with Europe all of there troops were attacking me the entire time and even fortified strangely to maneuver troops out of each others way in order for their other friends to finish me off. I don't understand the reasoning behind this because only one player can win, probably one player using multiple accounts and allowing the main account to win.

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