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I want to play your game dont wait. Come on remove it.

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There's a reason token and energy systems exist in games - so the developers can pay their bills. For the small price of $6, you can have ALL of the games you would ever want.

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Agreed, It dosent even work. Ive been siting at 6 hours for about 3 hours now
I speak for everybody when I say remove the ridicilous token system, the game is a cash grab and a shitty one at it, until it removes the Tokens, it can rot in hell, cash grabs are disgusting pieces of shits and are just worthless crap.

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Please please please loose the coin feature... I love the game but that feature limits me to 3 games only. Then I have to wait many hours. I think it would be more beneficial to those of us who play just to play, opposed to those who are playing for rank... Or at least add a feature like ( as in similar ) to the tutorial mode where we can just play the computer for something to do. Thank you for your time in reading this. Shawn
Wow that totally changed people's minds and views on the subject.

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