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Tournaments "multi-map" scenarios

Hi all, My idea is the following... How about a multi-maps game scenario where say 16 players would play on 4 identical maps (6 per map). Only when a player controls all the territories on his/her map can he/she send troops to another map. The object, of course, being to finally control every maps. Once on the "next" map, I would say that troop reinforcement would follow the rules of THAT map (1 unit per 4 territories/ minimum 3 + continental/cards bonuses).

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What about different maps that would be next to each other. Ex: French Revolution next to Italian conquest.
I do not know how well this would work... The idea behind having identical map and the same number of players is that "Global Domination" of each map should (or could) be achieved in roughly the same amount of time and effort. Using different currently available maps means having a different number of territories to conquer on each of them, hence skewing the "fairness" of such tournament.
Another idea I had along the same lines would have 1 map player in each "pool": Example: 4 players per map would means 4 maps and 16 players total. 5 players per map would means 5 maps and 25 players total. The idea here is to "race" to the final map. Where it is first come first served. The first player tat reaches the final map gets to claim 3 territories then wait for the next player to arrive who will then claim 3 territories and so on. Once all the player have reached the final map and claimed their first 3 territories, the game resumes as normal starting with the normal claiming of the remaning territories. This option requires much less coding but makes players wait (possibly a long time) for the final map to start.
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