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Earning Tokens

Watch an ad and earn a token.

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How do I get lost tokens back. I've started games and it froze and I lost the tokens and game. This happened twice in 2 weeks.

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I have also lost tokens on this buggy game. any way to fix that?
I like the watch video get token
Honestly I don't want to wait hours to play 1 or 2 games. I like the token idea because it gives the company money with prenium, but they're forcing it. You practically have to buy tokens to constantly play the game even by yourself. So, maybe no tokens required for single players and watch ads to reduce the time maybe by hours because then they could get more money and we could play more often which is a win win situation.

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Agree, single player games should be free - as this helps people learn the game and continue playing, instead of getting bored and uninstalling...

And watching adverts would be a great way to earn tokens to start multi-player games... unfortunatly people are too used to playing free games (of which there are many free Risk type games available on Android and Apple) so the percentage of people who will pay for premium is going to be minimal

I mean I feel like, at the very least, the winner of the game should get 1 token back or at least 5 gems or something like that.

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