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Game freezing up

I'm tired of the game freezing up in the middle of a great game. I just fought a 2 hour battle, (and it was a difficult one too) and my game crashes RIGHT as I'm about to finish my last opponent (+40 men against his last 4 men). It was fixed trading and 5 players, so needless to say it was quite a battle. At 2 points in the game, I was in quite a bit of trouble (dealt bad territories) but I waited very patiently for someone to screw up and leave me an opening. This rarely happens at such a critical moment, but this is about the 4th time it's happened to me either in the middle of or just following a critical turning point in a game. It happens often in the middle of less interesting games too!! One of the times it happened, my level even dropped from master down to intermediate. It's a game where opportunity does not always present itself, and there are also many other good and smart players out there .... Having said that, it's EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING when this happens. Generally, and sorry to put it so bluntly, the dummies get their cards taken quite early in a game, so it's a real pleasure to get down to business with other strong players. This needs to get fixed VERY BADLY!! It should AT LEAST recognize a crash and refrain from impacting my our level status

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Dan, please send us a support request for issues or bugs. This forum is for new Feature Requests only. Thanks –Lee@SMG.