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Players playing with multiple devices

Recently I have been seeing "expert" or higher players with a buddy that is lower (novice etc) and it is obvious that it is the same player. They NEVEr attack each other from the beginning abd the buddy always helps the higher ranked players agenda. Is this allowed? Most recent Bibi Sparks - novice Sibel Nelson - expert It takes the fun out of the game. Im cool with getting ganged up on but one player with 2 teams isn't fair.

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Hi Jason, this forum is for feature requests only. For support requests, please send us a support ticket (top right ). In regards to Bibi Sparks, I checked the last 20 games in this player's history:

  1. From a review of the last 20 online games, there is no duplicate IP address being used for any other human opponents.
  2. There are no recurring secondary players, e.g. Sibel Nelson, in Bibi's games.
  3. Bibi has lost more games than he/she has won.

What you assume is cheating is  in fact just typical behaviour. I play every day and have the rank of Master. More often than not, a more novice player will immediately send me an alliance request at the very start of the game (even before my first turn). I can assume that due to my ranking, they figure it makes more sense to team up with me. I try and honour this alliance for as long as possible in the game. From another opponent's perspective, this could be misinterpreted as cheating.

On the flip-side, I can have players gang up on me from the very start because they know they'll get more ranking points for taking me down (smart tactics).

It's of course possible for players to create duplicate accounts– it's difficult for us to prevent this. But RISK encourages people to form temporary alliances and generally those can happen early on in the game.

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