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Giant maps

My idea is Giant Maps. They would be maps that are much bigger than normal, and are made for more players, like 50-100 maybe. The game would last much longer too, like a week to months, it depends on the size and amount of players. The gameplay would be much the same, but the way turns work would be much different. Turns would not be able to be the same, or else people would have to wait forever for their turn. So I think more than one person should be playing at the same time. You would get more troops to add every some amount of hours, or every day. You would also have limited attacks, and fortifications. It could be that you get more energy every so often, and can use that to attack, or maybe for other things too. Many additional features could easily be added too. Like using energy to help with defence, or get special powers, or build things on territories, like bunckers. One last thing; I think it could be better to have more than territories and Continents. There could also be cities perhaps, and that way there could be a bonus for having a whole territory, and a different bonus for controlling a whole content. This could all of course start simple, and updates with more features for it could be added. Thanks for reading to the end, and I hope this will be added eventually.

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It could be an IAP to be able to start these games just like how you buy maps.
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