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Rank discretion

Idea: able to hide player rank from other players in lobby and in game. I am so frustrated with a 4 on 1 game because of my higher rank. Rarely do I win when this happens. Eg: a master rank and 4 beginner ranks = 4v1

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You can't do this because rank determines how the rank changes are going to be after the result of the game. As a grandmaster, I don't want to play novices, beginners or intermediates and if you start hiding your rank, I'll never play you because I'll not know what I'm up against. For one, gameplay against a beginner is boring and 2nd it kills your rank if you lose. I don't usually notice a problem with beginners ganging up on me though, but I play a very political game. I think my higher rank usually helps me. But I don't like playing against weak opponents anyway. Much better if we just block lower ranks from joining our games. Vote for that feature request please. WE NEED IT!


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The only problem with blocking ranks from joining a game is that it will make it more difficult for new players to gain rank, only playing against low ranks, further more it eliminates the risk of higher ranks losing their rank to lower ranks who just might be better. And as far as your statement about not having problems with lower ranks, I would enjoy watching you beat 4 beginners teamed against you - 3 or 4 games in a row. Hiding rank would be a great solution to let the best players shine through

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Totally agreed we should be able to create a game with a rank filter on it.

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