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Timer modifier for chain attacks

When defeating a territory add 3 seconds to the timer each time a territory is defeated so when doing large scale chain attacks the timer does not run out before you have a chance to finish attacking. Or at least give it as an option in game creation to have a timer boost when conquering.

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I vote no on this, and would prefer the timer to stay as is! I play 30 second rounds as I want a quicker game.

Why not allow them to finish only turning in cards, deploying troops, and troop movement after time has expired. I know it's tough when you take someone over and the timer runs out. you should be able to finish, but not keep attacking. You could exploit this to turn a 30 second round into 1 or 2 minutes, etc.

Matt it would be an option to turn on at game creation to have that. If you don't like the feature just join games without it or create a game without it turned on.

Fair enough, sounds good.

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