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Report players when they are cheating.

I want to be able to report players that are cheating. Maybe by showing a recording how the game went and also report who wasncheating and how. Give them punishment of some sort.

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This would be great. I've been in too many games where people are clearly using two accounts! It's the saddest thing ever but it happens!

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I see it a lot as well. Not really cheating,but definitely exploiting the game.

Player have more than one account, and joins the same game with intentions to only play one player.

They kill off their other player(s) pieces in the areas they want to take over. This causes the game to auto play the afk player and stack troops only on other players.


One option could be to restrict players from joining two players from the same IP. Even if one is on LAN cause you can play this on your PC, and another is WiFi, they will still share the same IP. This won't stop it 100%, but might reduce it to a more tolerable level.

- Another thought is why would the game auto play for a player for the entire game. Why not have it auto play for like 5-10 minutes, allow player to try rejoining, then set as afk and give no new troops. Their obviously not playing, even if is was by disconnection. Who wants to rejoin a game 20 minutes later an take it seriously... so many words, if the game make it tougher to cheat we will have less of them!


Note, I love it so much more when I'm able to defeat this player with the elevated rank from cheating. Make it so much more worth it! Just takes so long cause I have to deal with his second or third player stacking players everywhere but in his way.

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C'mon SMG, enough with the cheating please. Great game, but this 2 on 1 business is getting old fast. Unfortunately it's very common. It's hard enough to beat a player with a territory/army advantage without the other player(s) also attacking me while they leave their borders with each other unprotected. I don't know what can be done, but at least let us report them when they do this. It really takes the fun out of the game. If we can at least report them and you can review and take action. Maybe have player ratings from other players and allow us to see who has a low rating from other players who suspect them of using multiple accounts on one game. That way we can decide if we even want to play with someone who has many reports of possibly cheating. Thank you

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Constantine we're listening :)

Yes, it is possible for one player to join an online game playing as two different players. This is difficult for us to ban because:

  • This player could use different wifi/cellular connections for each device, each with a different player account.
  • It could easily be confused with legitimate players on a shared network e.g. (i) a family wanting to play together against random players over a home network; (ii) colleagues playing over the office IP; (iii) Students or friends playing Global Domination matches in their share house.

What many assume is cheating is in fact just typical behaviour. I play every day and have the rank of Master. More often than not, a more novice player will immediately send me an alliance request at the very start of the game (even before my first turn). I can assume that due to my ranking, they figure it makes more sense to team up with me. I try and honour this alliance for as long as possible in the game. From another opponent's perspective, this could be misinterpreted as cheating.

On the flip-side, I can have players gang up on me from the very start because they know they'll get more ranking points for taking me down (smart tactics). I check the IP and user details as matter of course in the games I play and have only found 1 person to be 100% using 2 accounts in hundreds of games. 

Today I've reviewed 6 support tickets for cheaters. None of them show any indication of cheating in terms of wins vs. loss history or IP address etc. There is one pair that appear to be family members who are most likely playing together as an alliance, but that's what happens in RISK. There are also friends who play together in global domination matches and use that as part of their tactics. 

We did create the Play Friends mode for private matches, but some players still like to include random opponents so opt for Global Domination.

From our data, players using unfair tactics represent a very small percentage of all players. It is not unusual to confuse 'cheaters' for aggressive players who quickly form alliances and target other players as part of their early strategy. However, we will be releasing new automated measures in 2017 to monitor and minimise players that we suspect are playing using unfair tactics.

For now, send us a support request if you suspect anyone of unfair play and we'll look into it pronto.

Thanks –Lee@SMG

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Lee, thank you for your response. I understand that all these points you bring up are valid, but when you see the opponents staying in the alliance long after the one has a clear overwhelming advantage and the other has zero chance of winning unless the weaker player will break the alliance with the clearly dominant player, but continues to double team me, it makes me wonder. As you said, that is risk. But when I played the boardgame, we knew who was teams with who and I could choose to not play with people who will always just play as a team and not independently. I don't want to play in these games and I'm quickly losing my enjoyment of this game if I'm going to be double teamed often when I play.

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I think it's worth mentioning that it is sometimes advantageous for players to play for second place instead of first. I used to do this (and still will in a really bad spot). I'd play to win at first but if a game got out of hand I would switch to playing for second since that often made my rank go up or at least didn't hurt it as much as finishing third or worse would.

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One small change could help.

- If user goes AFK/disconnected, have AI play for them as it does now, but for only a period of time (like 5-10 minutes), then stop issuing troops.

I think the majority of cheating/exploiting in the game come from users have secondary accounts, letting the troops stack on another players country, but never attacking. Why help the guy out and keep dumping troops on an account know one is playing. Do you really need to play it for half hour just in case the user decides to play.

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The whole point of alliances is to sometimes leave borders unprotected so that you can advance elsewhere. I do this often. This is not cheating, but rather strategy. I too agree with SelectaOne that sometimes you play for second place and it makes perfect sense. Especially when two players have honored an alliance and one gets the upper hand due to a game well played.

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I think it's pretty rare for a guy to di this. We hsve better things to do. It's more likely friends who agree to battle each other at end. Best defense is allow preset alliance chat to point out the obvious.

big bity, no argument intended as you may not have had this happen to you...

I to have had many games where two or more players appear to be played by the same player.

- I make this assumption as one player is aggressive, and the other attacks know one the entire game. It's possible the one player got dropped, but strange coincidence the afk player per say only has territories in your country. 

I personally would like to see the game auto play for afk players as it does now, but only for a short period of time to allow a player to try and rejoin. But why for an ENTIRE GAME ? Just makes for a scenario for players to play multiple players and try to exploit a game feature. 

How about "winner takes all" game option? No advantage to coming in 2nd. Combine that with a minimum rank to enter game option, and most of the double teaming goes away. Those who are exploiting the game in this way won't play in these game types.

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watch out for DarkPrinceT1000 - Grandmaster.  He is a cheat.  he suckers people into games then quickly adds robots as extra players and starts the game.  I want to play humans, not robots.  at least give me time to exit and find another game.

I now know what to look out and who to look out. .Obvious how he got to grandmasterds.

Is there an opposite of friends list, so that you are blocked out from any game that he has hosted or even joined in as, and vice versa, he can't join any games that I am hosting.

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There is definitely a difference between strategic alliances, reducing borders to advance in other areas and even teaming up to eliminate a strong player and cheating. When a player makes extreme repeated unadvisable advances in order to weaken a player so their second account can take advantage of you and the other account it is obvious what is happening. That "player" has no intent to win or to play for 2nd, just to clear the way for an easy win for the other account while overextending themselves. No sane player looking to win, regardless of teaming, strategy, and intent of the game makes moves like this. It has happened several times to me in just a few weeks of playing. Maybe you could add a protest button so we can report a suspected cheater so you could look into it. At least you would have the satisfaction of knowing what is coming to them while you are being decimated.

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Des chin, another master did that to me, possibly the same guy, and I absolutely smashed him! For what it's worth, I reported someone for cheating and it was reviewed and they found out he was cheating. So it seems like everything is in place to report cheaters.
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