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New Challenge Game Mode including Capture The Flag

What if there was an additional play mode for special skill challenges. Like capture a number of specific territories in so many turns and hold it for three turns (capture the flag), or have a countdown clock that requires you to take over so many territories a turn or you lose, or beat the game in 8 rounds. Something to offer as an additional challenge so it doesn't get repetitive.

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What about 2 flags on each persons side and you need to control both and have a connecting line.

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Love it
I think it should be more of a fun/no ranking mode. Then they could put all of their ideas from the forums into one section (capture the flag, custom boards, spies, etc.)
Ranked is what makes it competitive makes you wamt to push for the next level. Like a sport you want to get better to win. If not we might as well hand out participation medals.
Sergio- that is a really good point. My thinking was that some people may only want "pure" risk to count towards their rank. Maybe a separate ranking for other modes would be better then
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