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Trading cards decreases after maxing out

This is one of the house rules we use that adds a lot of fun/strategy to the end game. With progressive trade ins, once you get to 60 men per set they start to go back down. So the next set would be worth 55, then 50 etc....

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no. that would make the game prolong even more. the point of the progressive trade in to be so high and cap off at 60 is someone should be winning by then. I would like to see a fixed trade in value game become semi-progressive though, where as each trade in bumps up that particular trade by 2 or something. Fixed games become forever long because the only real stategy is to take and hold the most bonus continents or let everyone else destroy each other. I like fixed play for the beginning but there should be a hybrid of fixed plus progressive.


What I am suggesting is kind of what you are asking for a hybrid... right now on progressive once you get to 40 men for a set of cards continents don't matter any more. It's all about the cards. But if you know they are going to go back down it changes the strategy. You should try it on the board game it's a lot of fun.
It is sometimes difficult to find six players for a game so I'd prefer if there weren't too many different card bonus options spreading out the players.
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