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RISK - Global Domination - Clan Wars

Hello SMG Studios. This is not a issue, I am requesting a feature in the game Risk: Global Domination. It is a new gamemode. I am requesting a feature of clans. 

  1. You create a clan and versus other clans. Leader of the clan can edit the name of the clan and the logo. 
  2. In this game mode their are also trophies. To get these trophies you must win battles. Leaders can also edit the amount of trophies needed so that members can join. 
  3. Their are levels when you are in a clan that only the leader have permission to do. First, you are a solder. Then sergeant, captain and last but not least general. The leader of the clan would be the general. I have talked to my friends about this idea and they agree. 
  4. You can invite your friends to the clan when ever you would like. 
  5. In stead of the regular gamemode maps, the clan gamemode will have a globe to scroll where they would like to attack. You will be able to attack world wide in details. Saying so every single country will be included. From smallest to biggest country's their is in the world. 
  6. This will be played with certain amounts of members in you're clan so every match will be fair. For example, if you have 22 members in you're clan, you must choose 6 out of 22 to battle in the war. The max capacity in you're in clan is 50 members. If you're 6 members in you're have won the battle, every one in the clan will receive 10 trophies. 
  7. Players that have fought in the battles will receive a bonus amount of trophies wich is plus 15 trophies so they will earn 25 trophies in total. 
  8. Members of the clan will be picked randomly to take battle. 
  9. When you have called war, you have 15 minutes to chat with you're teammates for strategies. This gamemode with be played just like the classic Risk: Globale Domination but just with these features.
  10.  So as you heard, as I explained about the 15 minutes when you have called war, I said you can chat with your teammates. So I'm thinking you chat with you're teammates by typing to communicate with them and to check where to attack and where to defend. 
  11. I also recommend leagues for the clans so it can be more fair but that is you're choice. I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THE IDEA

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Clans would be cool! Like in clash of clans, clan wars is what has kept me playing that game for more than four years.
Thank you for your generis reply. And thank you for liking the idea. 
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