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Automatically advance to ATTACK mode

After all troops have been placed, automatically advance to ATTACK mode.

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Yes there are a lot of little unnecesarily things that eat up seconds and slow you down in play. Little pop-ups. The dice rolling. Waiting for different things to happen. Getting notifications of alliance or attack requests fills up the whole top half of the screen and can't place troops. Lots of little things like that could be cut back.

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After you draft what if the cards trade in tab opened if you had any matches. If there is nothing to trade you go to atack phase.

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Lee & Matthiu23chi, we used to automatically move to the ATTACK phase in an early build, but removed it. People would remember to trade just after they had deployed their troops, only to find they couldn't trade them any longer because they'd moved into the next phase– this was a very common mistake and garnered a lot of negative feedback. So, we only do the automatic advance for the ATTACK>FORTIFY phase now. 

It takes half a second or less to tap the next phase button, and removes any chance of this happening.

We are considering giving players the option to turn all in-game alerts off, and revisiting the alert designs, and an option to turn dice roll animation on/off. This is off topic, but I wanted to respond to your comments above to let you know we are in the process of optimising the game. Thanks for you feedback.

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Agree with Luther
How about allowing to trade cards until the first roll of the dice in esch turn?
That to... Makes things even more efficient
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