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Easier way to add friends

I'd like to see it be easier to play with friends online and easier to add friends

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Builder G –As of Jan 15, we've detected a bug on the add friends mechanic that will be resolved this month. You can though still add friends. If you have any questions at all, send us a support request and I'll be happy to take you through any issues or detailed feedback. 

If you have specific ideas for how to make it easier please add here or send to us directly via a support request.

It would be nice if there were a friends list so you could see who is online at the same time.
When making a game if your friends are online they will have a green dot next to their profile picture

Benji, as Builder G mentioned, if you go to your 'friends' list in the game (viewed in the 'Play Friends' mode, online players will be listed first and have a green dot on their profile image. This already exists in the current build. –Lee@SMG

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