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Risk factions.

I think an alternate game mode would really help bring replay value to this game. Risk factions in my opinion is more exciting then basic risk. Please consider this thanks.

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Hi Mathew, can you be specific about which rules or aspects of gameplay in RISK factions you like. 

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He maybe referring to the RISK Factions on steam, in which case I completely agree. Features of this Risk include (keep in mind I do not own the game, I have only seen gameplay, so I do not know the terms and all the features + ins and outs) ; 

  1. bonuses for dice roll combos (e.g double 6 gives a quadruple kill) 
  2. custom maps with volcanoes which randomly explode causing the immediate surrounding territories troops to decrease to one; 
  3. other features like the volcano such as a dam, which if you control both sides of, have the option to flood the continent below it, killing all troops except one. 
  4. Some other things are like bonuses for doing things? (Told ya I dont own it) I do not know exactly how you obtain these but I believe it is through controlling territorys. 
  5. These bonuses can give an extra die on defence, an airfield which you place on a territory, causing that territory and all adjacent territories to get +1 added to its highest roll. 
  6. These bonuses can be placed on the territory and can be taken over by another player. 

There are alot more as well as the ones listed, but I highly reccomend you guys look into adding some of the features. In terms of a new game mode, the dice bonuses would be a good starting point 

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Yes Adam you are correct. Those would be the things I would like to see added to the app. I believe more then enough people would buy an expansion for it.
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