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Ability to choose your own color, regardless of others.

Why can't I choose a color I want, specifically a default color, and regardless of what others want I always see the color I want to see. Even if I'm not hosting the game.

Example, all six players could choose purple if they want and each player would see purple for their troops and the game would randomly assign colors to the rest. You wouldn't know the other players are all seeing purple for their own pieces. The colors don't have to be fixed!

I've played online poker games where I can sit anywhere on the table I want, even if someone else also thinks they are sitting in the same spot. It adjusts the view to my desires, and computes the game independently. 

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Yes but would you then talk to your ally by saying something like "let's attack the blue player"? Maybe in his world HE is blue!!! ;-)

I can't talk or chat in anyway other than an emoji. If you can please share.

But, if they did add chat, I would suppose some combo of selecting player(s), or all players, and a chat window.

- Where there is no need to yell out "Hey Blue"

But fair question for sure. 

Matt L

  • if you tap on your own card in the player cards view, you'll see emojis that when you send everyone will see.
  • if you tap on other human player cards, (only if they have an arrow on the right top corner ) you'll see options to send alliance requests and attack requests.
  • Sometimes the arrow to flip over isn't there for human players when they turn on the 'ignore' option to block alliance requests and attack requests from certain players.

I'll add an FAQ article to make this clearer.

Thanks, but already knew that.

I'd like to refocus this on the feature request I submitted.

The ability to choose player colors, even better a default color choose, regardless of what others pick.

- What you would see on your end it your color you picked, and random colors for the rest of the players. The game engine doesn't have to care what color you see to compute all game play. (All six players could pick the same color and you would not know the difference.)

If this is a feather being considered, pls also allow setting default color.

But the "game" do need to care about the color assigned to each player... While I agree that your suggestion could be implemented while we are subject to the current chat system, it would have to be discarded when the new chat system comes into effect. As I said earlier, we won't be able to say to our ally "attack the yellow player" if we do not all share the same color scheme.

If chat is enabled, I see tapping on a players icon and send a msg, no "Hey blue guy" Each player should have an icon on the main screen, showing minor stats (how many cards, turn order, etc) then like I said, tap their icon and ally or chat selection.

Not that hard.

Yeah but what about talking about OTHER players. Like "hey buddy, how about you attack the Blue player in Europe?"... That's is where this gets complicated because for all we know, your ally may have set Blue as HIS default color of choice and now he thinks you send that message to him by error and fear you are turning on him...


I understand what your saying.

To me, choosing the color I play is more important then chatting with the other players.

Currently you can tap a players name card, and then tap the color you want them to attack.

- That could easily be changed to tap the players name you want them to attack. (Wow, we actually have names, and were not just a color)

I host all my games I play, so if I can set a default start color, I'm good. All I want to do is play the same color each game. Purple just happens to be easier on my eyes to see what troops are mine.

- Would love to see more colors, like BLACK. And please change red & orange so their not so close in color.

Ya! I've seen players like you in my home games: "I play BLACK or I don't play at all!", lol, they're a hoot! ;-)

But I do understand what you are saying, If the Chat System remains as It is, this is easily implementable without having to resort to "name calling" because for the game itself, we are not even colors but actually numbers.
My counter argument to your proposal stems from the fact that I really want the chat system to change and that would put a hurdle on the whole thing.


How do I choose my color?

RE: Michel Lemieux

Sound like your good with my suggestion, depending on chat system... (Thanks)

Not trying to get side tracked, but:

Chat system, I see this requested a lot. I don't think they will ever implement a full chat system. at least I hope they don't. Day one, people will use bad language, and sadly expect the game developers to fix it! Plus a way to report these users, and so on...

Would players be OK with better options, but not open chat. Example, more emojis, possibly predefined  msg's. (Tap player icon, select msg from a list) 

Your not going to like it when someone is swearing at you, insulting you, possible even threatening you in game. I'd rather have a little better communication, then open the door wide open.

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