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New Dice Algorithm / True dice rolls

Game does not use true dice roll probabilities. Many, many times I've had 97-99% chance to win and dont.

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Balanced Blitz is intended to skew results. It gives you more of a result you'd expect than if you rolled real dice. Of course, the complaint here is that results are not consistent with what you'd expect but this is more likely a case of you remember the bad rolls and forget the consistent rolls. You'd have to take a lot of empirical data to really show whether it's "flawed" or not. But i feel that if it's not true random, it's already flawed. True random will result in a lot more unexpected results and have everyone here livid all the time, which is why they created balanced blitz.
80% of the time - yes. The 20% is the random factor; the initial placement is random; player capability is random, etc, etc. At the moment, balanced blitz is flawed.

 What are you asking for? The dice to be rigged so that the results are always as you expect when you roll?

Luck is a factor, of course, but it shouldn’t be the be all and end all. All games should primarily be based on skill or why bother? This is how sports work!

 Luck is a huge part of the game. That's why you opt to take a "Risk" to win.

The more I play, the more childish I’ve become. I just bomb out of games now when the dice do crazy rolls. Can’t be bothered to play a game when luck supersedes skill. This seems to occur more and more these days. 



The game cheats. Example…opponent (their bot) has 10 in west Africa. Attacking my Brazil with 9. Wipes me out then take over the entire continent of  South America. Plus has 6 left over after occupying all country’s. Developers do not care if you’re upset. They’ve known this for a long time. Stubborn crooked people. 

 Well, it's dice. You have skill and then there's a luck factor to it also. What do you want "Risk" to be? Precise average odds for every single attack? What's the point in a game like that there everything is predictable? The whole point is that in general, skill is going to prevail but there is risk involved and sometimes you NEED to take a risk to win. If there's no dice, there's no chance for anyone who got beaten up at the start.

@Briand - So where’s the skill if this can happen? I get it but it’s extremely frustrating to be in a winning position and then lose due to this. That’s not a game.
Even with balanced blitz, there is still a chance of having terrible rolls. The algorithm isn't designed to completely avoid unusual results. But it does skew more against them.

I find balanced blitz more like true random anyway. It definitely glitches unless I'm missing something. I'm happy to be called stupid but how can the attached happen in balanced blitz?


Yes, balanced blitz solved all of the complaining about "unfair" roles by making the dice less realistic. There really shouldn't be complaining about dice because of this, even though the game is now less interesting if it's used. I always use true random. Skilled players understand that the dice don't always fall exactly on the odds.

Because I seem to remember on the computer version of one of those two versions of games I had like hundred to several hundred troop units on a single territory and with in a single throw of the die it went from that amount to anywhere between 1 to a 2 dozen Risk Troop Units. Now that is true flawed probabilities due to the point of computer cheating.

game still fill of dual accounts and dice cheats


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