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Show my stats at the end of a game

IDEA: on game over screen, show my final game stats.

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This should include how many turns were played

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Ideas to include:

  1. Turns played
  2. Troops defeated
  3. Trooped received
  4. dice roll summary
  5. Duration
  6. highest number of territories in single attack phase
  7. Arch nemesis (opponent who claimed most of your territories)
  8. # Alliances you formed
  9. # of alliances you broke
  10. Your favourite continent to seize

Everyone - feel free to suggest more :)

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I suggest postgame stats for the number of card sets a player turns in and the number of troops received from turning in cards.

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6 months have passed - has there been any progress on this?

This is still on our list of potential features, but it is not as high as some other highly requested features. We have not forgotten. 

- Phillip@SMG

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This is a great idea!

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7 months have gone by - yet no progress on this (or anything else!) so it seems kinda obvious that you have forgotten!

11. Archetype - based on your gameplay for this game name a famous general your strategy best matched like Hannibal, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Napoleon, ...

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I love it, I would also love to see my top 10 stats per map. This would allow me to challenge myself when playing single. 

New player here, joined just to upvote this request. I'd love to see the game time, turn count, etc. at the end of the game.

If you don't want to aggregate the stats for the game, at least leave the game log button on the endgame screen so we can view it and come up with our own stats. Thanks!

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Please add this feature

Please add
How many opponents you eliminated.
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