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Rate other players

IDEA: Peer rating. To encourage good sportsmanship, RISK players can rate other players they've recently battled. A player's rating would be shown next to their name.

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Not unless chat feature added. I've had alliances I've broken cuz someone else attacked them and left them decimated. If I don't take my ally out someone else will and get their cards. I'd like to be able to explain it to them.
How would you keep players from giving you a bad rating just because you beat them?

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I would love an option to brand someone as a cheater. Even if it's only visible to me / doesn't tarnish their ranks publicly (it would be bad if you could take someone down just because you want to) but I have many screenshots of games where a player obviously was running 2 accounts against me and I don't ever want to play them again/ have to remember names and look them up if I'm suspicious. Be great if I can label someone as an enemy.


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