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RISK Player colours have unique, special abilities

IDEA: Each different player colour has a unique, special ability. This would be a new game mode separate to classic RISK.

For example (these are all suggestions for now): 

  1. drafting extra troops
  2. having a fortress that allows extra dice to defend
  3. a % chance of an extra territory card each turn
  4. a general that can attack with 4 dice
  5. attack any territory with a coastline

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No. Too many variables. Not anything like original game.

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Hi Steve, we'd always keep the classic RISK rules as we have them now. 

Many of these suggestions are about adding new variations to the rules, for additional game modes. Hasbro has always done this over the years e.g. Capital RISK or Secret Mission RISK, Castle RISK, not to mention the many different rules for branded games.

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Number 5 seems too overpowered; if someone had Africa or the Americas they would have to border up large amounts of territory. The person with the #5 perk would then be able to guard his land without the threat of an enemy navy and mess up an Asia or Europe troop bonus with ease. And 4 would be overpowered too if you didn't limit the amount of times the general could be used in a single turn. In during a single attack you could only use the general like 3-5 times to prevent over powering every opponent.
I was the one that made this suggestion. Number five was supposed to be that you can attack any coastline not on a continent completely controlled by a player. Be good because you can attack from any coastline pretty much as if you were Portugal. Also you could sneak around territories you don't feel like passing through. Asia would be the best example of that.
Harmon Rambo- the way you say it makes it pretty evenly matched.
Instead of perks being for colours, why can't you just pick at the start.
Yes that could be good. The only reason I said for them to be attached to the colors is so that people know what ability you have. If they do actually implement this they will probably play around with it and find a way that's better than mine to actually do it.
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