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Elite online RISK matches for higher ranks only

IDEA: Competitive matches for elite players only. Elite online matches require a minimum player rank to join.

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Actually how about matches that are based on rank. Grandmaster and master only matches. Expert and intermediate matches only. And beginner and novice matches only. And if you win or place second you get a few extra points for the standings

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Steve, we also have what you describe listed as a separate feature request :)

Hi SMG would these games be occasional occurrences (like a tournament) or comman user hosted matches? If the latter wouldn't that just allow the experts/masters/GMs to avoid bad lossses by not playing novices? Effectively giving high ranked players less risk (no pun intended) and more reward?
Why would a grandmaster want to play against novices? It's boring. And the punishment for losing is horrendous. It makes perfect sense to group similarly ranked people together. That's how you work up the ladder. I spend a lot of my time in game creation booting low ranked players. And because of impatience, the high ranked people leave on their own. Quite often, a game could have started 10 minutes ago if those experts would just hang around for 1 minute. Instead they run off to play against novices. What a waste.


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I must admit I've changed my mind about this. I recently became grandmaster only to lose it and fall back off the leaderboard. Now I've started booting novices unless they are the sixth player. Still I feel a bit pathetic being afraid to play against them.
It's not about being afraid fo playing them. It's the fact that their rank is so horrible that even if you beat them, you won't gain anything but if you lose, you lose so much and they gain so much. Sure, you're more likely to win but why would you play games against crappy players if you're amazing? It's boring. I play intermediate up and I really prefer expert up. It's so hard to get a game going unless it's peak time (Around 7-8PM. They really need a way to make games for elite players so we can all get together. Matches with friends is the only other way to do it (I friend only intermediate up) but I have yet to get one of those games started since only 2-3 friends are on at a time.


Yes, it's hard to find better players - and even harder to get them to stay long enough to fill all the slots to start lol

Hopefully SMG will keep improving the game - so it will eventually have bajillions of people playing online, all over the world, 247... there will be no problem starting a game then!

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